Data Science, Government Contracting, and Business Consulting

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Why Samara/Data? 

Our broad network of specialized data scientists and business consultants are positioned to provide unique support for your specific project needs. We work with governments, small businesses, large corporations, and fellow scientists looking to solve data problems and create scalable solutions.


Scientific/ Technical Consulting

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Subject Matter Experts at Your Service

Our team of scientists and other technical experts enhances your existing strengths and supplements missing components of your business so you can effectively complete scientific and technology-driven projects at all stages of development. We integrate with your existing team as an essential part of your business, providing scientific and engineering expertise that crosses organizational boundaries.  Our capabilities include subject matter expertisescientific consulting, and technical/scientific proposal development.


Software Engineering

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Software Solutions for Every Business

Our team of software engineers and developers hails from a strategic combination of Fortune 500 companies and Silicon Valley to provide creative and rapid solutions for all business needs. We can develop, maintain, and streamline your systems to maximize your company‚Äôs efficiency without heavy maintenance overhead. Our capabilities range across all platforms and nearly all programming languages.   


Data Science


The Nexus of Business

Our team of data scientists provides innovative and bespoke data collection and analysis approaches for every aspect of your business to empower you to identify and complete complex decisions. We elevate your data-driven business, either augmenting your existing data science team or empowering you with new data science capabilities. Our capabilities include data mining and curation, data organization, and customized data analysis.


Business Consulting


Driving Growth with Scalable Solutions

Our team of business consultants enables your business for the next level of growth and expansion by creating new revenue channels and developing strategies to keep your business running smoothly. We synchronize with your current team to maintain and improve your day-to-day systems while executing and managing new approaches that scale with your growth. Our capabilities include startup / small business scaling, business management consulting, and change management.


Government Contracting


Embedded in the Heart of Washington, DC

Our team of scientific and technical experts collaborate with your government contracting team, providing extensive background as subject matter experts and project managers to drive projects from the first days of proposal development to final delivery of your last project milestone. As a Woman-Owned Small Business (WOSB) with deep expertise in working with government agencies and contractors in a broad range of technical arenas, our unique team of scientists and engineers augments your ability to compete for, win, and deliver on government contracts.

Capabilities Statement


Executive Placement & Recruiting

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Executive Experience at your Fingertips

We can provide a host of recruiting services for short- and long-term placement, including fractional and on-demand executive placement services.  Leveraging a comprehensive candidate evaluation process, we work with clients to prioritize characteristics and skill sets for each opportunity in every area from data science and engineering to administrative services.  Leverage our network to fill full-time vacancies or specific skill gaps within your organization.